UiPath Orchestrator issue with Azure App Service

Orchestrator 404 issues with Azure App Service

Posted by Pekka Jalonen on 14.2.2020

UiPath Orchestrator issue with Azure App Service

I recently deployed UiPath Orchestrator 2019.10.17 to Azure App Service and there was small issue which I found and here is the workaround for it.


I deployed App Service with VNET Integration (new) to dedicated subnet. From this subnet, I allowed connections from subnet to SQL Database, Azure Storage, Azure KeyVault and everything works fast and stable.

Only minor issue I saw when I enabled Azure Application Insights for Orchestrator. I kept receiving HTTP 404 errors from the site:

GET https://localhost/ngsw.json 404
GET https://localhost/manifest.json 404

I traced the issue and find that these files relates to Angular and with Azure App Service, and based on the search results, this seems to be kind of known issue.


I don’t know if UiPath is aware of this, but for some reason App Service cannot deliver those without following setting.

In Orchestrator web.config, you will need to add following settings, then the errors went away:

      <remove fileExtension=".json" />      
      <mimeMap fileExtension=".json" mimeType="application/json" />

There is existing staticContent section in web.config, just add these two lines to it.